Friday, March 19, 2010

News: Spotlights on the Web

Check out Mark Rose's review of Alyx Dellamonica's book Indigo Springs on Bookgasm.

Here's a blip:
"The unusual ending in this tale does hold out hope for the second book, however, so if you love contemporary fantasies, Dellamonica’s brisk style should provide a pleasing read. Mark Rose

LPL also recommends that you swing on by the SFWA site to take a peek at the elusive Eileen Gunn, author of the short story collection Stable Strategies and Others. She is listed on the SFWA's site as a Featured Author, along with a a few other goodies. Tip: Refresh your browser a couple times so you can see all the authors featured on the site and Gunn as well, since you never know who will be featured!

Monday, March 1, 2010

News: Publisher's Weekly & NYT Love Silver Borne

Silver Borne, Patricia Briggs's latest book in the Mercy Thompson series, is a hit with Publisher's Weekly. Here's a small, glowing slice of what they had to say.  

“Briggs creates both well-rounded characters and a complex mythology, resulting in a rich read that’s far more than a series of action adventures strung together. Fans of the series will be thrilled.” –Publishers Weekly

So go and eat your vamp-@$$ kickin', coyote-shifting, werewolf lovin' hearts out, MT fans. This one's a goodie.

Also, Silver Borne was #1 on NYT's Bestseller list for hardcover fiction! Go Patty!