Friday, October 5, 2012

After a long year and then a bit more

 We are back to blogging.  A move is so difficult, and when one moves a household, and an office, it gets even more difficult... "To say nothing of the dog!" who doesn't fly... so we said, "Roadtrip!"

Wiley and I survived the experience and after so many months we hope that all the bits of paper and bytes of information have settled out in spots where we want them... or can at least find them.

Wiley informs all the people passing by the door that he is on duty and I enjoy the beautiful view out my window between bouts of agenting.

We will be making appearances at SteamCon IV in Bellevue, WA October 26th through the 28th (2012) and be in Portland, OR for OryCon 34 Nov 1 thru 4, 2012.  We hope to make a visit to Portland's Art Museum that weekend, as well, and see the Greek exhibit "The Body Beautiful."

And return to regular blogging.

See you all around!