Thursday, October 22, 2009

Author Submission Guidelines

Fiction - Query With:
Query Letter
First 10 Pages

Non-Fiction - Query With:
Query Letter
First 10 Pages


The Query Letter should include the titles, genre and word count of your manuscript, previous writing credits, your goals as an author and "a modicum of other personal information and commentary." A single page letter is preferred.

A note on the query letter: though it may be tempting to write your query as though it were a book jacket, we want to know how the plot is resolved. Nay, we need to know!

The Synopsis should be less than 2 pages, single spaced. We also like to see the first 10 Pages of your submission. You may send you submissions via snail mail or e-mail. 

Snail mail should be sent to:
Amy Hayden, Acquisitions Director
155 E. 116th St.
New York, NY  10029

Please include e-mail address in your query letter, as that is the preferred method of communication.

Submission materials should be considered disposable. However, if you include an SASE that is large enough, we will mail them back to you. What is an SASE? A self addressed stamped envelope. You include the postage, and mark your address as the return address.

E-mail should be sent to:
You may attach your synopsis and first ten pages, or you may include them in the body of the e-mail.

While we certainly try to reply to all submissions, you can be sure that if we re interested in your work, you will be contacted.


  1. Look forward the the e-address for the queries

  2. Looking forward to the e-address and getting acquainted with your agency.

  3. I am a writer of mainstream and dark fiction. Mostly my work is poetry. I write well crafted, dark verse as well as mainstream. I have a manuscript of my darker verse. It is well crafted, despite the stereotype the genre has gotten. I have published many poems in print publications and am looking for a way to put a collection out there. I have been writing my whole life (I'm 31) but only recently became interested inn publishing. Have I come to the right place?

  4. I am greatly looking forward to your e-mail queries. I was thrilled to meet you and will be sending you my work. Snail mail and then email

  5. Thanks for all your cheers wrt e-queries! We are very excited about "getting green."

    Joe Gant,
    Unfortunately, poetry is not our forte. Even worse, it is not many people's forte.(Sad bc I too write it, and have no venue either) My recommendation is to pursue contests sponsored by literary magazines, and to get a chapbook out there. Once you have a following, you will be more likely to find a publisher. Should you have a novel in the works, we would be happy to look at it. Hope this response helps!

    Jordana Frankel
    Assistant to Linn Prentis