Friday, May 7, 2010

How Vampires are like Uggs, and why Supernatural Ain't Going Away

This is going to be a longer post in the future, but the question is worth some thought I think.

So WTF is UP with all this paranormal? I love it, personally, but I know that the publishing industry as a whole is seeing it as ratha' droll these days. Who cares, ey!? Bring on the silly bloodsucking creatures of the night! Here's my take on it all. 

It's like UGGS. 

Yeah, you heard me. First they were, like, all the rage, you know? And then everyone was all "Ugh, those things are sooo hideous. Ugg is for UGLY." And people got defensive, "What are you talking about? They're so comfortable." (Like sappy vampire love stories, UGGs make us feel good.) And then, people got over it. They decided to suck it up (muahahaha) and go along. Sure, there are few remaining fortresses of "those losers," but UGGs have become a staple, and are no longer a fad.

So step aside Publishing Giants, I think Supernatural is here to stay. The bubble won't burst, it will become a staple. Just like Uggs. 

Signing off (without my Uggs - it's way to hot unless you're from California),
Amy Hayden 


  1. It's really refreshing to see someone being *positive* about the genre's future for a change. Here's hoping you're right!

  2. Uggs are this generation's version of the era of the 1980's when girls all wore button down henleys (usually several at a time) with Guess jeans and a stiff wall of hairsprayed bangs. *feels the need to shower after horrible flashback*